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Observa Telecom's customer support is conceptually 360° support, as in order to guarantee that specifications and technical requirements are met, it begins with the search for an appropriate technological solution and the identification of suitable partners. The project kickoff is followed by project planning and monitoring, customisation and aesthetic adaptation to the requirements of the operator's brand, production control, international logistics and localisation in the target market.

Observa Telecom stands out for its extensive experience in processes certifying its products for its operators, whether in approved laboratories or on the products' own operating platforms.

Once the product has been supplied, we continue to provide after-sales service related to commercial deployment throughout its life. The creation of new software versions deriving from possible legislative changes and the introduction of improvements at the customer's behest are part of Observa Telecom's after-sales service.

Product life cycle


ISO 9001 Certification

Our quality controls are performed by Observa Telecom staff in the place of origin of production: the factory. We have possessed ISO 9001:2008 certification since 2001.